3550 N. Rolland Road, Weidman, Michigan  48893


Absentee Voter Ballots are available by request -
contact the clerk at  989-644-2847.

You must register to vote at least 30 days prior to the election in order to vote in that election. Visit the Secretary of State's site to register.

For local election information go to Isabella County's Website at www.isabellacounty.org.

Please Note: We may have some openings for Election Inspectors if interested contact the Township Clerk.

Township Officials

Tom Johnson
8645 W. Airline Rd.
Weidman, MI 48893
(989) 627-6258

Denise Livermore
8060 W. Airline Rd.
Weidman, MI  48893
(989) 644-2847

Teresa Clark
6131 Nottawa St.
Weidman, MI  48893
(989) 441-1221

Jeff Grey
1009 Pequena Dr. Lake Isabella, MI 48893
(989) 859-5271

Jo Simon
3653 N. Brinton
Weidman, MI 48893
(989) 289-1756